Monday, January 17, 2011

My Day, Chapping Skin and Coconut Pancake Fantasies

Today I woke up from the phone ringing, I got asked if I wanted to work at a kindergarten today as someone in the regular staff was sick. I've been a substitute there before, but it was over a year ago since I spent 2010 in Spain. I went to work and all went well, it seems I may get to work there every now and then. Always nice to get out of the house and get a little extra income :)

My boyfriend and I just watched the movie "high fidelity" tonight. I remember watching it a long time ago but I didn't remember much about it. It's not that eventful, but I kind of liked it .

Right now I'm looking at my thumb, it's got chaps in the corners. I've got the same thing on my heels. Probably because of the dry cold weather up here, I mean I'm practically at the polar circle. Dry skin could be a sign that I'm not getting enough good fats too, but I do take a lot of omega-3 fish oil supplement and have avocado a few times a week so I'd think I've got that covered.

Anyways, I'm gonna put some coconut oil on the chapping skin before I go to bed, that usually helps. I also use something called badger balm or something, it's made of several organic plant oils. It's pretty good.

I'm thinking about making pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, but a (imho) healthy version. Maybe something like this:  Coconut flour pancakes. Mmm they seem heavenly! Not long ago I converted to a lowish carb grain-free eating habit, something I think is great for the skin amongst other things.
My usual breakfast is an omelet, or a smoothie of frozen berries, some greens, avocado or egg, whey protein and a little bit banana. Yummers :)

It's midnight now, I better go to bed ;) Good night!

I'll be dreaming of a pile of sweet fluffy pancakes..

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